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Climbing at Lake Dunmore

Emily invited me to climb with her, her father, and Eddy today. It was my first time climbing on real rocks and it was a lot different than I had anticipated but really fun. It is hard to not be able to clearly see the holds like in the gym. It becomes more of a game of finding holds than it is about strength. Grading wise it was a lot different and humbling to say the least. Emily's father was extremely knowledgable and I am thankful for his ability to facilitate a climbing experience for all of us newbies. As we concluded and hiked up to grab the anchors the view of the lake was incredible. The sun was just beginning to set which prompted a quick hike back to the truck (with time enough to pet a dog who had the coat of a black bear)  and grab some pizza in Middlebury before heading home. It is still strange to see and talk to people who aren't affiliated with work. And even stranger to not be working non-stop even on Saturday .. but hopefully that gets to be more common.