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A Couple Sessions with Alex

Alex came back to NYC for a week to interview for an internship (which she got!) and considering I am still unemployed we both had a lot of free time. This resulted in bouldering a couple times. 


The first session together we checked out Central Park North knowing that it would be much quieter in the middle of a weekday. We started on Worthless where we had completed many of the easy routes on the east face but did not yet work on the north face. The V0 No Sweat was as described and pretty simple but I got stuck on a V1 traverse called Shits and Giggles. Afterward we went to Shit Rock and did every V0 / V1 available to us and I scaled the giant slab which isn't a documented route. The slab was really cool because it was tall enough to make me really focus and zero in on the climb despite it being fairly easy. 

Photo taken by Alex as she anxiously watched below.

Photo taken by Alex as she anxiously watched below.

A couple days later we went to Central Park South to climb before she took a flight back to Ohio. It had rained that night but had no chance in the forecast for the rest of the morning so we decided to make the trip and hope for the best. The face of the rock was dry which got us excited but alas the cracks were damp and slimy, and the small footholds were just slick enough to not allow us too much success aside form a few short V0s. That, combined with general exhaustion and depression between us two did not equate to a solid climbing day but it was still nice to be outside especially con siding how dead the park was. I showed her the other three rocks in that part of the park and then we took a train home parting ways in Brooklyn.