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2018 Intentions

Every year I write a long list of goals and intentions for the upcoming year. Here are a few of the endurance related ones.


keep up with training plan and actually follow it - Every year I have big intentions for training but life seems to always get in the way. Once I fall off of the wagon I really struggle to get back on, leaving me cramming before a race and feeling unprepared. This year that will not happen, regardless of what outside life brings I will stick to my training (mostly).

implement strength training and get stronger / gain weight - While I have not struggled with injuries in the past 6 or so years I am growing more and more focused on creating a sustainable running lifestyle to ensure a lifetime of running over a few fast years. This will require becoming stronger, putting on weight and being a more well-rounded athlete. I have seen too many of my heroes quit running all together due to their focus on some fast years and breaking their bodies.

make prs in every distance 5k, 10k, half, marathon, 50k - With the above two goals I feel accomplishing this will be pretty straight forward. There has yet to be a single year where I feel I performed to the best of my ability, but if I keep to a training plan and get stronger this will be a breeze (I hope).

stretch daily - Stretching has been neglected for my entire life, but with the increased running and stress put on my lifting weights it'll be especially important this year.

come to VP feeling prepared and leave feeling satisfied - It may not be the "A" race for many but it is mine. I've run the Vegan Power 50k in MA twice and have had dismal performances each time. I want to run it feeling strong and focused this year. If all goes well, my time will be pretty far from the previous attempts.

become more confident with first aid & outdoor/emergency preparedness - I feel I am more knowledgeable than most in this regard, but I want to be even more versed in preparedness as I plan to push myself out in the mountains even more. This is a topic often undiscussed in the running community and it is downright irresponsible.

keep up on social media - insta, strava, garmin, and endurance blog - I have been pretty good about this, but I want to be even better at staying connected. I have big plans for this blog in the coming year!!

grow business end of endurance - Alongside my art career I have been pursuing a career within the outdoor industry as well. I want to start making more moves toward making it a legitimate part of my professional life.. probably in the way of sales.


train regularly and implement hanging into training - I have reached the point where sheer will power and improving technique will aid me in climbing grades previously unimaginable. I need to implement training specifically hanging into the regime to climb harder routes.. and just climb more!

consistently climb V5 and consistently climb 5.11 - With said training, hopefully I will be able to consistently routes that are just a bit out of my reach. I think this goal is pretty conservative given my current abilities, but I'll leave it as is and hopefully exceed the goal.

become stronger and more confident in climbing outdoors & do so more - One area I am greatly lacking is outdoor climbing. This year I plan to invest in the gear and education to enable me to climb outside safely and often.


enjoy cycling and do it more for transport & cross-training - I have tried for years to fall in love with cycling like I have with running but it simply is not going to get there. However, I feel it can play a larger role in my life. With pushing myself to ride more within the perspective of cross training I think I may dig it more.

go on at least two bikepacking adventures - Bikepacking / touring is where I see a lot of my cycling excitement coming from. One thing I love about cycling is just how far one can go in a  short amount of time, to combine this with the feeling of self-sufficiency and camping seems pretty ideal.

be more confident with maintenance - The farther I want to go and the more I want to do it will require a more intimate understanding of the mechanics of my bike. This will help my peace of mind, as well as my wallet. 



I may have a lot of goals for the new year (even more non-endurance related ones to boot!) But they all seem manageable and they all rely on one another meaning I just need to get going and tip the first domino. Happy 2018.