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Billy Yang Podcast: Tim Tollefson

I've started listening to podcasts / books while running on days I feel especially rushed or dreading it in particular. I used to be pretty anti-headphone but as I now retreat to the park to avoid the city traffic I've taken it up and have been really pleased. I listened to Billy Yang's podcasts since the first with Anton Krupicka but must have somehow missed the second episode which is with Tim Tollefson. Tollefson is not a runner I was too inspired by or one I knew much about, admittedly when I first heard of him and saw him wearing a Nike jersey I pretty much just turned a blind eye. The interview completely changed my mind though and I now find myself thinking about what he had to say often. I listened to the episode on a 10 miler which flew by and was one of those rare runs thats effortless and rejuvenating. He has a genuine love for the sport yet also a realistic and practical view on achieving a career in it. Billy has (an albeit sometimes cheesy) way of leading the conversation to an ultra-sincere mood which is missing from many of the other beer drinking and "war stories" running podcasts. Check out the entire series here, though I'll probably continue to post the episodes I really dig.