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August 18 - Chattanooga - Nashville - Jackson Falls

Corey took me on a 4 mile running tour around downtown to show me the sights of Chattanooga. Afterward, I hopped in the truck and headed to Nashville.

I arrived in Nashville about 2 or so hours later. The couple days of grime (especially with a few humid runs the past couple days) I was getting sick of feeling nasty so I stopped at a planet fitness to shower and it gave me a second lease on life. Afterward, I organized the truck and headed to the Southern V for amazing vegan southern food which I ate with Nort and their friend. Nort wanted to give me a little instrument they had been working on so afterward I drove to their place to pick it up. It was incredibly thoughtful and I am very appreciative. 

I hit the road shortly after and drove the additional 3+ hours to Jackson Falls in Simpson IL. The drive was boring but manageable. The county roads leading to Jackson Falls were a bit sketchy but thankfully the truck handled it with ease. With a few hours of daylight I thought I would check out the various easy boulders I wanted to do on my own but after some time I couldn't find the trail down to the valley for the life of me. I chalked it up to being hungry and irritable so I headed into town to buy some snacks and gas up the truck. When I returned I tried finding the trail once more but only got myself pretty damn lost with daylight fading fast. I finally found my way back to the trailhead haggard and frustrated. Without climbing there the entire reason of staying there that night seemed a bit pointless and I contemplated hitting the road and stopping on the highway overnight. But, instead I found a nice campsite down the dirt road and hopped back in the truck with the thought that if I slept early enough I could wake up in time to pack climbing gear and have an hour or so to find the damn trail with an hour of bouldering before heading back to the truck to hit the road. The night was one of the most humid nights I have ever experienced, and the bugs were so bad that it sounded like hail was hitting my truck.  It was a miserable night.