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August 19 - Jackson Falls - Kansas City MO

When the sun finally rose, I threw everything in my crash pad and gave finding the trail (see yesterdays post) another go. At this point I was incredibly tired and dehydrated and I gave up only a few minutes in thinking I would just waste my time, but then I saw other climbers who I figured I could follow. At this sign of positivity it began to rain, dashing any chances of bouldering in the next few hours anyway. Defeated, I got back to my truck and began the 7 hour drive to Kansas City. The sunrise coupled with the fog was beautiful.

The drive was straight forward, I couldn't check into my airbnb until 16:00 so I took frequent breaks and kept my heart rate low. I arrived to Kansas its around 14:30 so I checked out an art supply store and got a smoothie as I waited. I checked into the airbnb at 16:00 just as it was raining hard. 

It is incredibly nice and just what I needed after a pretty rough day at Jackson Falls. I took a much needed shower, shaved for the first time, and made dinner. 

I went for a walk and explored the city a bit and then relaxed and caught up on some emails and such.