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August 20 - Kansas City - Cedar Bluff State Park (Ellis, KS)

I woke around 07:00 and took another shower just because I could. Cleaned up my stuff and relaxed for a bit. I checked out at 10:45 as the cafe I wanted to eat at didn't open until 11:00. 

I ate at Cafe Gratitude which was pretty good but pricey and then hit the road for Kansas (the state). The drive was pretty good but boring. However, it was the first time I felt like I was actually heading west. The landscape changed so dramatically in those 6 hours in the truck.

When I arrived to Cedar Bluff State Park I passed a really beautiful gravel road. So when I parked my truck in my site and pitched my tent I decided to shake the legs out and explore that road along with the rest of the park. 

The views were amazing and it felt so nice to ride my bike after so much time in the truck. Afterward I settled in camp a bit and then decided to find a good swim spot. The lake had a forest of dead trees in the center of it that you could swim through. When I was swimming all the other folks were eating dinner so I had it to myself and it was so refreshing. As I concluded my swim the sun was beginning to set and it was really beautiful.

When the sun set I made a quick dinner and hit the hay. It was really chilly which was a nice change.