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August 22 - Boulder -> Denver, CO.

I woke up around 07:00 and decided to go for a short run around their place. It was a nice and easy 3 miles on the road which was a welcomed change to the intense mountain stuff. After, I showered and had breakfast with Kellie.

Scott and Kellie had things to do through out the day so I figured I wouldn't overstay my welcome and head to Denver for the day. I arrived to Denver around 10:30 and parked my truck in a lot near the venue I would play at the end of the day. I took my bike out and rode to downtown and checked out the Museum of Contemporary Art which was only okay, but the book selection in their gift shop was great. I bought a $5 little exhibition catalog from there. I then went to the Denver Art Museum which was incredible. There was an exhibition of contemporary / experimental landscape photography which was right down my alley. I really enjoyed it. During breakfast Scott and Kellie raved about the Clyfford Still museum which was across the street. After hearing it was strictly painting I was apprehensive but curious, and I had lots of time left to kill. Ultimately I am so glad I went as it was one of the most powerful art experiences I have had in a long time. They were not wrong, it is incredible. Still is most definitely my favorite abstract expressionist now. I wish I could've picked up one of their books. 

After the museums I went to a consignment outdoor store, and the REI. The REI was amazing, it had its own climbing wall right in the store and was 3 stories. I picked up a pocket knife and a climbing guidebook which I am eager to dig through and learn as much as I can.

At around that time I had to bike back to my truck to get organized for the show. When I arrived to Bar Max there were already some folks waiting which was reassuring. Jacob who booked the gig was incredibly nice, and the other acts were great. There were 3 people who made interactive visual projections for each act based on the latest album of each artist which was really cool. After the show I crashed at Jacob's place only for a few hours as I had to get an early start on the next day.