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August 23 - Denver -> Arches NP (Moab, UT)

I woke up before sunrise and got immediately in the truck to head to Moab. I was excited and just wanted to get there and relax alone for a little bit after a couple days of more social interaction than I am used to. The drive felt long but just like any other. My gps directed me onto some BLM roads that was supposedly a straight shot to the park. I don't mind gravel roads but these roads were pretty rough for some sections and my truck's suspension is not what it used to be 10 years ago. It was a bit of a nail biter for about an hours worth of off roading until I saw some other cars stopped in the road. I got out to see what the commotion was and it turns out 15 minutes before I arrived a huge sinkhole formed and swallowed the "road" making it impassable. So, with that I turned the truck around and drove back to where I came. Once I got back on the highway I took the 45 minute detour around and finally made it to the park. The welcome center is amazing and truly museum quality. I poked around and learned about how the arches formed over time and then headed toward my campsite. The drive was long, steep, and incredibly beautiful. My campsite was nice and secluded despite being right by the bathrooms. It backed up a giant sandstone cliff which provided a bit of shade where I hung out until I got restless and decided to go for a run and knock out one of the sights I wanted to see. I hopped back in my truck and drove farther down the valley to the delicate arch trailhead, The trail is about 3 miles and somewhat technical but relatively easy. I guess I was having a good day as I managed to bang it out in the 22nd fastest time ever according to the 1500+ strava uploads. The arch was really beautiful. 

Afterward, on my way back to camp I stopped at an overlook and called mom. Once I was in camp I was super tired and hungry so I made dinner and immediately went to bed around 20:00.