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August 24 - Arches -> SLC

When I woke up I was still wildly tired so I had a slow morning and decided to skip my run which consisted of 14 different arches. A bummer, but I cant squeeze absolutely everything in. I had already seen quite a bit of the park already. I sat in the shady spot and made breakfast and read a bit before starting the relatively short drive of only 4 hours. 

The drive was beautiful but felt like any other 6 hour drive for whatever reason. I took many breaks (I think I was still pretty exhausted) and arrived in SLC only a couple hours before I needed to be at the venue for a show. I set up camp at the KOA right in downtown SLC and lied down a bit before cooking up some quick dinner and editing some photos (there was wifi in my tent!). 

I got to Diabolical Records about 45 minutes early so I was able to browse the shop and I found 3 tapes I am really excited on. I then went to Pie Hole which had decent vegan slices and then Monkeywrench ice cream which is an activist oriented home made vegan ice cream shop.. that was incredible. When I returned to the venue I saw my buddy John who I hadn't seen or really spoken to in 6+ years when we worked together at Fun City Tattoo in NYC in 2011/12. He is into film and sound stuff so we immediately got deep into an exciting conversation on upcoming projects and ideas and such. It was really nice. The other acts pulled up and along came 20 or so of their gaggle of people which was nice to see. 

The first acts a rock band and was pretty good but madam pretty nervous to play a drone set afterward. My fears proved to be true and many of the audience left during my set a they didn't really like noise. I didn't take it personally though, sometimes you get thrown on a bad bill. The other acts were similar in nature but I enjoyed them and I enjoyed talking to the owner of the store afterward about noise and metal. 

After the show I got back to camp and immediately fell asleep, around 00:00.