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August 25 - SLC -> Winnemucca, NV

I woke up pretty late (around 07:00) as I was out so late. But despite my grogginess I wouldn't allow myself to skip two runs I had planned so I packed up camp and headed to the Grandeur Peak trailhead. I decided to switch packs last minute which proved to be a grave mistake as I forgot to move my nutrition to the different one and thus was so hungry and shaky toward the end of my run. 

Ill use the word run loosely as this was such an insanely steep trail that running simply was not possible (for me or any other sane human at least) and it even required me to get on all fours at some points. It climbed 3,333 feet in 2.5 miles. I thought the top would never come and contemplated returning before reaching the summit a number of times. Ultimately I am glad I persevered as it was a wonderful view and made the short run felt worthwhile. It may have been short and slow but I hadn't hurt that bad in a long time.

When I got back to the truck I was too hungry to think about cooking food so I drove to a Taco Bell and fueled up before heading back on the road to Nevada. On the way I stopped at the Bonneville flats which was so cool. I am gladI made the pit stop.

The drive felt pretty fast surprisingly and I arrived to Winnemucca around 15:00. The truck was a mess, I had school emails to take care of, and desperately needed to shower and reset. I wound up getting to sleep around 22:00 as I knew I needed to get up super early the next day.