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August 26 - Winnemucca -> Crater Lake NP OR.

I woke up at 05:00 in order to have time to eat breakfast and pack before checking out of the hotel at 06:00. I wanted to get to Oregon as soon as possible as the campsites tend to fill by early afternoon and there is no way to reserve them.

When I arrived I thought I would check the Mazama campground despite the reservations being full. There is a laundry facility and shower there which was enticing as I wanted to be all cleaned and packed for returning to civilization in Portland the following day. Luckily they had some sites available as they only reserve 75 percent of them an the rest are first come first served. With that peace of mind, I began my drive around Crater Lake. I was a bit anxious and very hungry but I wanted to get the sights in. About a third of the way around Mt. Scott appeared and I figured I would run that at that moment versus driving all the back to it the following morning. The run was fast as the trails were buffed, my legs were still hurting from my run up to Grandeur Peak but I still managed a decent time. After, I cooked up some lunch and finished the drive around the lake taking in all the sights.

After the drive I went back to camp. I got there around 17:00, I set up my tent, took a shower, ate, and went to sleep around 20:00.