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August 27 - Crater Lake -> Eugene -> Portland

I woke up around 06:00 to take a shower, it was needed not because I was dirty but because I was so cold. I was wearing pants, a sweater, my nano puff, and a hat and still was frigid. After I packed up my tent, organized the truck, packed a bag for the first night in Portland and left Crater Lake. The drive was foggy and gorgeous.


By changing my camping plans I wound up being much closer to Portland than I anticipated. So, with a few hours to kill I had to find something to do. So I decided to stop in Eugene to at least check it out a bit. I drove by my soon to be apartment and was amazing as to how close it was to the gym and track, and then I stopped at Cornbread Cafe which is a super old school vegan cafe that serves soul food. It is ideal, and it will be dangerous to have it so close. Eugene is a bit more urban than I anticipated but it seems good for cyclists and pedestrians despite that.