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MEC Presents: Escape

Listen to the voice inside you. It’s telling you to go. JaBig, a Montreal-based DJ, buys a bike on a whim and decides to attempt to beat the record for the longest continuous bike ride in a single country. What’s more, he’ll ride a single-speed, fixed-gear bicycle and finish in the winter, approaching the Arctic Ocean by way of Canada’s northernmost continental hamlet, Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories. We pick up with him as he’s closing in on his endpoint along a 188km-long ice road. In his final kilometres, he falls more times than he has in the previous 17,000km combined. JaBig knows he is where he is meant to be, but the final hours will push him further than he ever imagined. The journey is bleak and beautiful at the same time, and JaBig’s story will make you pause, asking yourself, “where would I go from here?” For the Director, Anjali Nayar's statement and more info visit: Featuring: Jean-Aimé Bigirimana Anjali Nayar, Director: Produced by: Yves J. Ma Original score by: Menalon Sound mixing by: Marcel Ramagnano Executive Producers: Meriko Kubota, David Belanger Cinematography by: Martin O'Brien, Glauco Bermudez, Alex Magineanu Aerial cinematography: Jassin Godard Edited by: Andres Landau Additional editing: Eric Pedicelli Animation: Elisa Chee Motion Graphics: Laurence Warriner Colourist: Zachary Cox VFX by: Ryan V. Hays Michael McDougall

Salomon: The Communal Art of Footracing

Every weekend, tens of thousands of people, line up at a start line to run a footrace. Why? Running and competing is such a historic and intrinsic part of our culture that we don't often question it. "The Communal Art of Footracing" explores the meaning behind our competitive drive, how this translates to Ultra-Trail Running and why it is so important.

Wired: Lael Wilcox

Ultra-endurance bicycle racer Lael Wilcox puts more miles on her bike every year than most people do on their cars. Here's how she trains for and rides some of the toughest races on earth. Still haven't subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.

Billy Yang: 15 Hours with Amelia Boone

"15 Hours" series :: a look into a typical (or at times, unusual) "day in the life" of an athlete, entrepreneur, etc in the running/outdoor industry. "The Struggle Ends When the Gratitude Begins" | a quote Obstacle Course Racing Champion Amelia Boone leaned on when at the zenith of her endurance career in 2016, a stress fracture in her femur would sideline her for the next two years.

Brick Films: Never Die Easy

At 76 years old, Dag is a living legend. Existing entirely off-the-grid and without the trappings of modern day society, he is closer to freedom than most could ever imagine. If that isn't enough, Dag dedicates his life to living out his greatest passion, training for a 125km Ultra-Marathon with which he holds the record for the oldest person to ever complete the race. Who is this man and why does he do it? We've come to find the answers, but first, we'd have to find him. Created by: Brick Films Director/DP/Edit: Justin Pelletier Creative Producer: Adam Maruniak Score: River - Zachary David Blackwall - Phillip Kay Takamba - William Fritch Interviewee 1: Ted Clayton Interviewee 2: Brian James Interviewee 3: Charlotte Helston Special Thanks: Paul Gazso Yaw Obrenu Jarred Clark Rosters Sports Bar

The Great Big Story: Breaking Stereotypes With an Ultramarathoner

I love all the press she's been getting lately. We need more of this!

After suffering health complications, Mirna Valerio knew she needed a change in lifestyle. She dedicated herself to fitness and has spent the past eight years running marathons and ultramarathons across the state of Georgia. With every race, she's on a mission to challenge assumptions about what it means to be a runner.

Billy Yang: The Why

Why do we run 100 miles? It's a question I get from friends and acquaintances quite often. And in the lower moments during these ultramarathon events if I'm honest, a question I direct inward too. Sure, on the surface you can cite self-improvement, challenging yourself, so on and so forth.

Though I sometimes dread watching the hyper-dramatic depictions of running, this was really well done and has some really great moments discovering why exactly we do desire to suffer in the mountains. 

Billy Yang Podcast: Tim Tollefson

I've started listening to podcasts / books while running on days I feel especially rushed or dreading it in particular. I used to be pretty anti-headphone but as I now retreat to the park to avoid the city traffic I've taken it up and have been really pleased. I listened to Billy Yang's podcasts since the first with Anton Krupicka but must have somehow missed the second episode which is with Tim Tollefson. Tollefson is not a runner I was too inspired by or one I knew much about, admittedly when I first heard of him and saw him wearing a Nike jersey I pretty much just turned a blind eye. The interview completely changed my mind though and I now find myself thinking about what he had to say often. I listened to the episode on a 10 miler which flew by and was one of those rare runs thats effortless and rejuvenating. He has a genuine love for the sport yet also a realistic and practical view on achieving a career in it. Billy has (an albeit sometimes cheesy) way of leading the conversation to an ultra-sincere mood which is missing from many of the other beer drinking and "war stories" running podcasts. Check out the entire series here, though I'll probably continue to post the episodes I really dig.

Running With Cameras

SUBSCRIBE for weekly running inspiration: FOLLOW ME: The free Millinocket Marathon & Half Marathon began in 2015 when Gary Allen read an article about what the closing of a mill did to the Mount Katahdin region. He couldn't "unsee" that article so a few days later he leveraged some of his running connections and began a grassroots effort.

I really dig this guys videos. And this race looks incredible! It has me thinking of the value of the tourist economy and if it really is an ethical / sustainable reaction to the outsourcing of America's industries.

January Recap

Training wise things have been merely okay. I cannot expect my lifestyle to change overnight, and with that in mind I am proud of my progress so far. 


I've started running semi-regularly.

I've started climbing semi-regularly.

I've been researching and slowly growing my gear collection.

I have signed up for many of my upcoming races. 

I booked my flights to Asheville to crew my friend in his fourth 100.


I need to keep up on eating and track my weight / calories like I had written in my goals.

I need to be stricter with my training plan. Despite running more, I am not far from falling off of my training. I need to remain diligent. 

I must implement strength training into my routine.

I need to keep up on the blog better.

Anna Frost leaves Salomon

Anna Frost announced her leaving Salomon with the company responding in the most amazing manner. Check out the blog post regarding it here.

No clue what will happen next but I suspect it'll be amazing and she will do great things regardless. 

Below is a video that somewhat eludes to her decision to diverge a bit.