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Sonic Arcade: Museum of Art & Design

A while back I went to the Museum of Art and Design to check out their show Sonic Arcade (up through February 25th) as I have been lacking in sound inspiration lately. It was a beautiful day and an even more beautiful show boasting multiple floors of exhibitions related to interactive, visual, and democratic sound. I took many names home from the show and will highlight some of my favorite below. Some are from the actual show while others are other pieces / performances from the artists who are showing in Sonic Arcade.

Emily Counts 

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe

Surrogates ^

Naama Tsabar

^ Transition Series: The Transition works are a series in which the artist has inverted amplifiers and speakers by emptying out their inside components and re-inserted the parts as visual components onto cotton and linen canvases. The wires puncture in and out of the canvas to create a visual composition. Connected to power, each canvas retains their functional role with a set sound and volume level.

^ Work On Felt is an ongoing series of work where raw industrial felt is transformed into modifiable stringed instruments. Through the addition of carbon fiber, piano strings and guitar tuning pegs, the felt pieces gain new features that contradict their natural character. One is immediately confronted with their minimal design and then given a chance to directly engage the work itself by plucking the strings, creating sounds from them. Tightening or loosening the strings changes the degree of the bowing of the sculptures and the sound they make. The transformative nature of the work is such that the appearance of the sculptures, their erectness or flatness, directly corresponds to the pitch they produce.