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Robert Adams at Mathew Marks

After a day of bouldering with Alex and Lauren we met with Danny to see Robert Adam's latest show at Mathew Marks Gallery. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be in the right headspace for it considering we'd been climbing all day, was pretty hungry and also pretty beat up.. but Adam's work immediately took me out of those distractions and I was able to really focus on the show thankfully. The prints are all modestly sized which makes sense considering they are all silver gelatin. I really enjoy shows where there aren't massive prints. Each print was immaculately clean and so incredibly beautiful. The tonality of his prints are unparalleled to anything I've seen and the color toning of the print is the perfect amount of subtlety and attention. The printing was so good it almost distracted from the actual content. 

The spacing of each print felt farther than average.. I'm not sure if that is true but it at least had that effect on me. The spacing allowed me to look at each photo individually which is unusual considering my relationship to his work in book form but each image stood well on their own. The spacing also made me navigate the gallery at much slower pace. There was also a divider which separated about 2/3rds of the space which I really liked. 

Robert Adams will forever be my favorite photographer and someone I turn to constantly for inspiration. His work is unabashedly beautiful, subtle, intimate and attentive.. all while having a political / humanistic edge. 

While I felt entirely engaged, I think it will take me a few passes to feel satisfied and thus I will be going back a few more times in the coming weeks.