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Blog Update

I’ve been having a really hard time documenting my process in full. Keeping track of the photographer’s I am looking at, the music I am listening to, my current work and the thoughts I get my from colleagues is all very overwhelming.

A physical sketchbook at first seemed ideal. Handling the process documentation and inspiration in a book format could be a really great way to start thinking of books prior to the completion of my current body of work. However, it is limited to printed media, not allowing for videos, sounds, etc. to be included. It also means I have a reliance on a printer and the one I have access to is pretty shitty. Also it would make me have a reliance one carrying it or being in my studio to access it.. and I want others to be able to access it along with my ability to see it on the go.

I had been storing my noted in the notes app, I liked to organize my notes in folders like “studio visits” “lectures” and so on. I could included recorded sounds, video, PDFs, and writing. However, this separation along with some minor finicky things about the app made me not enjoy using it and the process seemed very fragmented. I also found I blogged less when I used it.

Finally the blog. The blog has most of the pluses and minuses of the notes app with the addition of a more public vantage and a bit more customization. However, I’m not sure if my entire process should be public. Specifically, the notes I take from certain mentors or critiques.. they are not agreeing to what they say being publicly displayed.

As a compromise to all of this, I am going to try to use the blog as the primary sketchbook. Having my entire process and all of the media I consume to be a part of it in chronological order. I will organize everything with tabs and leave the studio visits and critiques unposted but on the blog for me to see as an admin.

With this, I am going to post some of the things I had saved in my notes from some months ago to catch everything up.